TFT Guide – Optimal items/build for Jinx & Miss Fortune?

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Hey TFT fanatics, we’re here today with a Jinx Brawlers TFT Guide by TFT Central, plus some added variations done by myself! I have two questions for you, are these optimal Jinx & Miss Fortune items and what is the most optimal build path of brawler blaster?

TFT Guide on Brawler Blaster. Jinx DeathBlade Giantslayer Red Buff Last Whisper GA QSS Miss Fortune Hand of Justice HoJ Spear of Shojin
TFT Guide by @TFTCentral on Instagram


After seeing this guide, the first thing to catch my eye was the combination of Last Whisper and Deathblade on Jinx.

Pre Deathblade buffs, the ideal items for jinx were usually Giantslayer / Red Buff + 1 defensive in Blaster Brawlers and Infinity Edge / Last Whisper + 1 defensive in Rebels, so seeing this is off-putting. Overall, I’d personally go Red Buff + Giantslayer + Defensive on Jinx and maybe move the Last Whisper on to Ezreal(if need be). 

Miss Fortune

For the most part, this TFT guide gets Miss Fortune’s items pretty well. Quicksilver Sash is a must as well as mana items. 

Seraph’s can be good, but in my personal opinion, Shojin is usually better, especially when accompanied by an additional mana item like a Hand of Justice.

Alternative Build Paths

To build on this TFT guide, I’d like to add a couple of different build paths you can go instead of 4 brawlers, as I’ve found 2 blasters to be more optimal. The following builds we’ll be looking at are the 3 rebel variation, 2 mana reaver variation, and the 2 mystic variation.

3 Rebels Brawler Blaster Rebel TFT Guide

If you end up going 9, putting in a demolitionist would be best. Getting a demolitionist spat and putting it on Aurelion Sol or MF would be even better!

2 Mana Reaver Brawler Blaster Mana Reaver TFT Guide

Any spare mana items can be given to Thresh and any spare AD/Tank items can be given to Irelia.

2 Mystic Brawler Blaster Mystic TFT Guide

Thanks again to TFT Central for the TFT Guide, Lolchess.GG for their builder and thank YOU for stopping by!


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What do you think optimal Jinx and Miss Fortune Items are? Have any other alternative build paths you’d like to share? Let me know down in the comments!