TFT Patch 10.11 Tier List + PBE Comps by SaintVicious

Posted by Professsor June 2, 2020 in Community GuidesCommunity Tier Lists

Hey TFT people, coming back at you today with a TFT Patch 10.11 Tier List, plus some Extra PBE comps for your enjoyment. Thanks SaintVicious! We’ll start off with the top comps on live and then move into the PBE comps.

Patch 10.11 Tier List

S Tier – Void Reroll Patch 10.11 Tier List - Saint Vicious - Void Reroll

I also like to call this comp shaq & kobe. Saintvicious says there are multiple ways to play this build. The most common is to roll down after krugs for kha’zix and malphite 3*. You can also hit 50G and slow roll for Kha’zix and malphite(my preferred method). 

If there are too many players re rolling this build, you could always power level and try and hit vel’koz 3* as a win condition. GA + RFC are a must for Kha’zix. The 3rd item is optional but SaintVicious has used Zeke’s Herald and I happen to agree with him.

S Tier – Rebels Patch 10.11 Tier List - Saint Vicious - Rebels

Saint is very brief on this comp, but goes on to say GA Gangplank is very important and you should try to hit level 8 at 4-3.

S Tier – Kayle and Friends Patch 10.11 Tier List - Saint Vicious - Kayle & Friends

SaintVicious says you can put in thresh at lvl 9 and use Blitz/Cho over Wu & Jayce if need be.

S Tier – Dark Star Patch 10.11 Tier List - Saint Vicious - Dark Star

Try for 8 by 4-3. Saint says this comp is terrible without Xerath 2* so don’t transition too quickly. You can add wukong or another Jhin at lvl 9.

S- Tier – 6 Cybers Patch 10.11 Tier List - Saint Vicious - 6 Cybernetic - 6 Cybers

If you get a spatula you can run infiltrator Irelia. SaintVicious says this comp is much harder to run now due to high player damage and Xerath being added to the pool makes it harder to hit ekko.

S- Tier – Mech Infiltrator Patch 10.11 Tier List - Saint Vicious - Mech Infiltrator

Saint briefly says to reroll at 6/7 for Kaisa, Annie, Rumble, Shaco, & Kha’zix.

I will say while Mech Infiltrator is still very good, it takes longer to get online and start winning matches. You must also be looking at other player’s boards constantly and making sure your infiltrators are in the best position possible to kill as many units as possible and reduce the damage you take early. Positioning for your infiltrators will win or lose you your fights.

A+ Tier – Candyland

With this comp you could either roll down after krugs or hit 50G nd slow roll to hit 3* Poppy, TF, & Zoe. If you have an extra GA you can add in GP late game. This comp is very strong on the little legends galaxy.

A+ Tier –  GP Go Boom

Saint says this is a pretty simple build, build GP and go 6 sorcs. Your 8th unit can be either Jayce, Wukong, or a second GP.

SaintVicious goes on to say he only plays this build on the Neekoverse or Treasure Trove.

A+ Tier – Classic Brawler Blaster

“Go Fast 8 with this build. 3 star jinx/Cho are late game win conditions.  I usually drop lucian for graves but it honestly doesn’t matter. Trap Claw good on jinx instead of red also, can put red on ezreal. Last Whisper is a must if vanguard lobby.” SaintVicious’ 10.11 Tier List

A- Tier – Celestial Pirates

This comp is very good on Reroll and Medium Legends galaxy. Reroll on 6 for Xin, Darius, & Rakan. Power to lvl 8 to find GP after. Get GP off the carousel ALWAYS if there.

PBE Comps

Not only has SaintVicious made a Patch 10.11 Tier List, he has also graced us with a few comps from the PBE. The first of which, a return from the past of Set 2.

PBE – Blender 2.0 PBE Tier List - SaintVicious - Blender 2.0

“I’ve done this build with infiltrator yi and blade master zed.  I think there are many variations you can play with.  Slow roll at lvl 6 for 3 star Zed>Yasuo>Yi>Shen in that order of prio.  If you cant get any spats you can just run celestials or mystics instead.  This build is extremely powerful on trade sector and treasure trove.” SaintVicious PBE Comps

PBE – Battlecast Blasters PBE Tier List - SaintVicious - Battlecast Blasters

“This build is strong due to how battle cast interacts with items like red buff and shiv.  Every proc of shiv gives 5 applications of battle cast (including the auto attack). Every tick of red will also proc battle cast.  You can battle cast jinx as well and go 6 battle cast.  You can plug and play crono with this build also.  I like this version a lot because of urgot ult enabling jinx.  Blitz+thresh is the other version you can run.  Try to 3 star kog but its not a must.  I have also seen battle cast asol with a 3 rebel version of this that is insanely strong but hard to get.” SaintVicious PBE Comps

PBE – Protector Sniper PBE Tier List - SaintVicious - Protector Sniper

Saint goes on to say he’s seen this build work as Reroll on lvl 5 / 6 and even fast level to 8. He says both comps are strong due to the current PBE strength of Jhin and Urgot. You can also build urgot as a tank since every time he ults he heals to Full HP.

PBE – Astro Snipers PBE Tier List - SaintVicious - Astro Sniper

Teemo keeps getting nerfed so this build could change but atm it is very strong. You can run bard mid game and take him out late game for Gnar. This is a fast 8 build.


Just want to give a huge shoutout to SaintVicious for all the work he puts into his work and this tier list. If you want more of an explanation on this tier list, or are simply looking for a TFT stream to watch check out his twitch. For his other social medias:




Be sure to check out tomorrow’s Week 4 Snapshot and Rankings! That’ll be available at around 10 am EST. Have a wonderful day! 🙂