Disaster in Team Liquid Qualifier: TFT Galaxies Championship

Posted by Professsor May 26, 2020 in What do you think?

Hey TFT fanatics, I hope you all had an amazing memorial day weekend. A not-so-amazing event that happened this weekend: Team Liquid Qualifier, Week 2.

If you haven’t already heard about it, here’s the TLDR. The first round of the tournament had a ridiculous amount of lobbies containing 3-4 Challenger players. Here’s an example:

Team Liquid Qualifier - Multi Challenger lobby, many challenger TFT teamfight tactics player in one lobby


Now while this is happening, there were other lobbies that had 1 challenger players and 7 gold/silver players. You could imagine the frustration these players felt, and rightfully so! This tournament is everything for these top players.  You could see that through C9 K3soju’s below tweet.

Team Liquid Qualifier

The anger has gone as far as posts being made on Reddit bringing up the idea of boycotting the TL qualifiers. While this definitely will not happen and is an extreme overreaction, it illustrates the need for a properly functioning qualifier.

The Response

See below post in the Team Liquid Discord in response to community outrage:

Team Liquid Qualifier

As you can see, the qualifier portion of the tournament was postponed to another week, adding another week of tournaments. The cash portion, however, remained.

Not surprisingly, after the release of the information, many top players dropped out of the tournament to climb ladder instead.

The Dust Settles

The weekend is over and the new week is upon us, how do we as a community approach this problem? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen it, as TL had similar mess-ups the first week of qualifier play.

In reality, this is the first time a TFT event of this magnitude is being held and there are BOUND to be mistakes. 

At the same time, this could’ve been avoided by simply manually inputting the first round of play and allowing the discord script to work from there. Or, if you didn’t want to go that route, there’s always a practice run of the script.

Considering the Team Liquid Qualifier is a subset of the TFT Galaxies Championship, a Riot Games event, shouldn’t there be a(n) riot employee(s) overseeing the operations of this tournament? I’m in the opinion that Riot, Team Liquid, and C9 have to fine come through the nitty-gritty details of how these tournaments should be run, plain and simple.

How do you think Riot should handle this situation? Have a wonderful day everyone 🙂


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